Welcome to ODDKINGDOM®. We are a creative collective. Our areas of specialisation include art, graphic design, art direction and more. Passionate about art, design and the creative industry, artist Willkay set up ODDKINGDOM®, a brand and collective that provide distinctive creative services to clients worldwide.

Willkay is an artist, graphic designer and art director, who combines contemporary influences with hand drawn illustration techniques to create distinctly exceptional artwork. Displaying a gift for art from a young age, He later went on to gain a Diploma in Art and Design Foundation at Central Saint Martins and later graduated from London College of Communication with a degree in Design For Print.

Willkay’s natural flair for creativity is illustrated in a number of his works which comprises of contemporary modern day art and which reflects his life, environment and character. He possesses a unique eye for detail, often stepping outside of his comfort zone when creating new work. For further information or to discuss new projects: willkay@oddkingdom.com

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